• Providing world-class traffic counting solutions since 1998

    GRAM Traffic Counting, Inc. was founded by Patricia Nassour in January, 1998, and was headquartered in Austin, Texas. The company expanded by opening additional Texas offices in Houston, San Antonio and the Dallas-Fort Worth-Mesquite Metroplex area. Effective January, 2010, GRAM Traffic Counting, Inc. sold its North Texas Area, which now operates as a separate entity, under the name GRAM Traffic North Texas, Inc. Effective January, 2014, GRAM Traffic Counting, Inc. was acquired by Audrey Bielss and the headquarters was relocated to Georgetown, Texas.

  • Devices used for temporary studies of volume, speed and/or classifications of vehicular traffic. The reports are available to clients in .PDF and .XLS formats.

  • The use of personnel to track the movement of vehicular or pedestrian traffic.  Reports are available to clients in both .PDF and .XLS formats.

  • Travel & Field Surveys

    The collection of this data drives real-time information to support a wide range of traffic and planning-oriented studies.

  • Origin & Destination Surveys

    Another type of survey to determine actual road usage.

  • Radar Studies

    Radar equipment is used to track the speed of vehicular traffic.

  • License Plate Recognition Video

    Infa-red equipment used to capture license plate data.

  • GPS Travel Runs

    The use of GPS equipment to measure the length of time involved for specific lanes of vehicular traffic.

  • Pedestrian Counts

    The collection of data involved in tracking the movement of Pedestrians for the locations designated.

  • Intersection Diagrams

    Drawings, diagrams or photos of specific intersections can be created for our clients.

  • The measurement from the vehicle centerline to a value representative of the forces acting on a vehicle in motion.