• Automated Traffic Record Counts

    Automated counters are used to gather various types of vehicular traffic data such as total vehicle volume, classification (type, size), and speed. The data is usually collected in 24 hour periods and can remain in place multiple days with the data being reported in 15 minute intervals. Data is collected with pneumatic road tubes or with video cameras in locations unsuited for road tube use. Reports are available in .PDF and .XLS formats. Counts can be stand-alone to collect data or repeated to capture growth trend and/or seasonal data.


  • Pedestrian Counts

    Pedestrian counts are used to gather the movement and number of pedestrians in a given area. Locations can include intersections, crosswalks, sidewalks, retail locations, etc. Data is typically collected by personnel using a manual count board or by video cameras.


  • Turning Movement Counts

    Turning Movement Counts are used to gather multiple types of vehicular, pedestrian and/or bicycle traffic data typically through an intersection or entering/exiting parking lots or neighborhoods. Information collected can include: direction traveled, turns made, vehicle classification (type, size), and vehicle occupancy. Data is collected manually with count boards or with video cameras. Counts are typically collected in 15 minute intervals during peak hours or per client request. With video equipment, we can collect up to 60 sites simultaneously. Reports are available in .PDF and XLS formats.