• Corporate Office: Austin Texas

  • Audrey Bielss, President

    Audrey Bielss began working for GRAM Traffic in 2006, as an accounting and payroll specialist. During her years of employment, Audrey has assisted on numerous projects ranging well outside the realm of her accounting expertise. In 2014, Audrey (and her husband, Stanley) purchased the company from the previous owner, Patricia Nassour, to continue the meaningful work that Pat started and maintain the working relationships and staff the company employed. As the years progress and technology changes, Audrey continues to observe, monitor, and expand GRAM Traffic operations.

  • Stacie Bittner, Chief Operating Officer

    Stacie Bittner has been a full-time employee with GRAM Traffic for 3 years. Her ambition and eagerness to learn have allowed her to experience and excel in all aspects of data collection and develop an overall understanding and knowledge of various collection methods, policies, and procedures. Having started as a part-time data entry clerk and climbing the ranks to Chief Operating Officer, Stacie possesses a unique skill set needed to pursue and accomplish any project with professionalism, integrity, and efficiency. Stacie oversees all GRAM Traffic operations and special projects with an attention to detail, while maintaining prompt and effective client relations and correspondence.