• Houston Texas

    13940 Bammel N Houston Rd Ste 216

    Houston, Tx 77066

    Vance Porfirio, Branch Mgr.

    Office: 512-832-8650

    Facsimile: 512-833-6471

  • Vance A. Porfirio, Houston & Louisiana Branch Manager

    Vance Porfirio has served as the Branch Manager for the Houston GRAM Traffic office for over 18 years. Vance supervises all operations for Houston , Southeast Texas, and Louisiana areas. He coordinates with various clients, includes County offices, Municip[alieties and school districts to ensure accurate and precise data collection. Retiring 12-31-2019.
  • Randall E. Smith CMA. Field Data Technician GRAM Traffic Inc.

    Hired in 2002 part time, to assist with manual turning movement counts and was eventually given full time status. Participated in all aspects of GRAM survey projects and traveled throughout the United States conducting GRAM business. A safety conscious individual with multiple craft skills who practices professionalism and duty related efficiency. Participated a as team member in some of GRAM’s most interesting projects including the IDLEAIRE project, the National Parks Project and the Texas DOT Travel Study Surveys.